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Sunday, October 19, 2003

Rules of the road

You might have noticed that I follow a couple of rules in writing this thing, so if I put them down in writing then I'm more likely to stick to them in future.

1. No betraying confidences. For example, this wouldn't cover my neighbour saying he was in AA, as that's something he freely told me, but it would include that time last night when Billy told me he was gya. Shit.

2. No talking about work. Except in the most general terms, which sucks as it's generally the most interesting thing about my week. Although I probably err on the side of caution, as even Jon Tickle sounded exciting when he used that old fallback "I can't talk about that."

3. No identifying other people. Various people who regularly crop up in my life, like Sassy Nurse, Raichu, Angela and Coughing Man get mentions, but only blognames. Some are slightly easier to identify, like Missionaries in 17, Rowdy Neighbour and Brother. But he's not allowed to read it anyway.

4. Don't take it too seriously. Particularly when it got posted at 3am.


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