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Sunday, October 19, 2003

Someone for everyone

Coughing Man wasn't alone on the bus on Thursday. In case you haven't been reading this, Coughing Man is the guy who gets on my bus, gives me a dirty look, sits behind me and during the course of the journey covers the back of my neck with a fine, warm spray.

But Thursday, instead of sitting behind me, he sat in front of me. Next to a woman. This was too good to be true, surely. I'd get to hear his voice, find out a little more about his life, and, well, I couldn't be that lucky could I?

Yes, I was! Five minutes into the journey I heard a quiet feminine cough, and much to the bemusement of my fellow passengers (got a weird look from Pregnant Librarian) I broke into a broad grin. Within minutes they were both happily coughing their lungs up, loudly drowning out the sounds of the bus and the polite tuts from Shopping Lady in front of them. But it really was true, Coughing Man has Coughing Woman to keep him company. I started thinking about whether they were married, living together or maybe just friends. Did they have little Coughing Children? Maybe a Coughing Dog or Coughing Rabbit. Before I knew it I was imagining a glorious church coughing wedding, and of course missed my stop.

I'm so pleased he's got somebody. There's hope for us all.


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