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Sunday, October 12, 2003

Coming home in the dark

It's been a weekend of unpacking the big jumpers and coats, giving the trees their last hug and saying goodbye to their leaves and generally walking around in the dark. The time of denial is over, and there's no doubt that I'm settling in for my second winter in Watford. And it may sound strange to say this, but I'm really looking forward to it.

I have fond memories of winter; everything seems just a little more of an adventure when it's cold and icey. Suddenly something as simple as a walk home from work can become a test of survival and endurance. I always feel more at home walking round in the dark and more alive with a freezing wind in my face. You come to value little things; a warm jumper, coming home when the fire's on, climbing into a big warm bed when it's snowing outside.

So you're welcome to your seasonal affected disorder and autumn blues. I always felt a sense of loss at this time of year, and a complementary sense of wonder when the first signs of spring appeared. But now I know Spring's coming again I feel almost excited about Summer's passing. The passing of the year is never going to slow down if you complain or deny it, so the only way you can be happy is to learn to enjoy all of it.

Yep, definitely off in my happy place. I'm going to go and look for my woolly hat!


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