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Sunday, October 19, 2003

It's not often BBC online changes my opinion on something, but to give them their credit...

A council has apologised for cancelling a children's Punch and Judy show after claiming it promoted domestic violence. Full story

At first appearance this seems like a typical loony left story, like "Labour council bans Christmas", and that's what I thought. Until one paragraph which really made me think. Or turn round 180 degrees at someone else's prompting.

In the traditional children's show the Mr Punch puppet regularly beats his wife with his 'slapstick' and murders his baby by battering it against a wall and throwing it downstairs.

Leading to the "Oh yeah, never thought of it like that" moment. So it's a bit like Tom and Jerry. But Tom and Jerry where they kill children.

So ban Punch and Judy. Or at least take out the murder and make Judy the smart one.


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