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Saturday, October 25, 2003

DIY religion

I had a surprisingly religious thought coming out of work yesterday. And since then it's occurred to me that despite all the raping, smiting and bizarre rules, there really is some good tucked away in the Bible.

On the back of what's been an insane fortnight, preceeded by an insane Summer, Friday was actually quite peaceful at work. And I can't seem to shake the thought that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, and maybe, assuming it doesn't continue at the present unsustainable rate, this might have done us some good. But Friday was different, almost, dare I say it, peaceful. And there was a feeling that we might just have made it.

And as I stepped out of the civic offices, the doors sprang open around me, and outside was the most prefect rainbow I've ever seen, and even the pretty soulless town seemed enthused with colour. Behind the rainbow were shards of light, stretching the whole way across the deep blue sky from behind the grey clouds. And I just stopped dead and looked up, the rain spraying and the wind refreshing my face. And for some reason I thought of the bible, which is not like me.

I thought of the point after the flood, when the waters abated and the earth was handed back to Noah and his survivors. And God sent a rainbow as a sign of love and hope, as a promise that he would never do that again.

Maybe I was just sleep-deprived and exhausted, or maybe we're past the worst. Either way, I plan do to as little as possible this weekend. And this doesn't mean I'm going to get all Christian on you, promise.


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