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Friday, December 01, 2006

A lickle bit sick

Sometime at work on Monday night I remembered I was supposed to have a hepatitis B vaccination. I remembered this when I dropped a used syringe on the floor, missing my foot by 6 inches and embedding the needle quite deeply in the carpet. I also remembered that you're really not supposed to administer injections whilst wearing socks.

"You nearly dropped that on your foot mate", my client pointed out in a loud voice. For some reason I started feeling a bit ill at this point.

So I finally got round to having the jab, only 6 months after it was recommended by my employers. And all you healthcare workers out there, for Christ's sake get round to it!

Of course, I might just stay in tonight. The jab's got one or two unexpected side effects. But needing a new liver hopefully isn't one of them.

Oo, and on the subject of things you're really supposed to do, I finally bought the new smoke alarms. A mere 23 months after I moved in. Ahem.


Anonymous Tom B said...

Hi John, good to see you on Saturday. Thanks for coming! Have a good Christmas and new year. Tom

3:30 pm


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