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Monday, March 27, 2006


5.20. I'm at my desk when a bell rings.
"Right, that's it. Everybody out!"
We storm out of the office, opening heckling the scabs, nurses and strike breakers who will be doing our jobs tomorrow. I've always wanted to lead a walkout.

Yes, with just four days remaining in Borehamwood, I'm withdrawing my labour. By taking this industrial action today, we will be sending a message to management that we the workers will not stand idly by whilst they threaten our pensions and pay or something.

Of course, the fact that our managers are also out tomorrow means that there's no-one in the office to send a message to. And I don't actually have a pension and I'm leaving on Friday.

But we, the Brothers and Sisters of the Union will stick together, even if it is costing me a day's pay.

I'm worried about how much I'm enjoying this. But no petrol bombs this time...it's funny how you get more right-wing as you get older.


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