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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sensory overload

Apart from the Doctor Who DVD, I have the most elegant wedding invitation I've ever seen in my hands, and my friend is on the phone telling me she's got the job I was determined she'd get. On top of that my flatmate's only wearing her bra, and I have a council tax bill for 1,100 pounds. Opening the post is dangerous these days.

I'm probably overdrawn in the Kharma bank today, but it definitely was worth the additional expense. Occasionally everything in my life happens at once, and I have one of those days that it may take ages to fully understand. But sometimes you are presented with the opportunity to work hard *and* make a difference, and it is hard not to make the right choice when you recognise the signs.

And best of all, I got to spend some time helping someone get something that they really deserved. My intervention might not have made any difference, but I think I helped at least. And I received some kind words from someone who's opinion I value very highly, and nothing quite matches that feeling. Even receiving a wedding invitation that probably cost more than my entire wedding will. It even had a little scroll and a feather in it.

With just seven working days until I leave Borehamwood, the emotional demands are getting higher and higher. The road to Greenborough is not going to be easy.


Anonymous Ditch said...

Heeyy what do you mean.. the most elegant wedding invitation you've ever seen???!

Ours had a very classy comedy duck on the front!!!


11:17 am


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