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Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Way We Lunch

As part of our research into the future of our team and whether there is one, Manager kindly gave us permission to head over to the new Hertfordshire offices at Apsley. We weren't expected, but I managed to convince the person on the desk that we were there at the invitation of the project director. Which is fairly true.

I have to say I was determined not to like Apsley One, the unimaginatively named new building next to our new base at Apsley Two. But there's a lot to like; it's clean, bright and spacious. There's comfy chairs, flashy IT equipment. It's also TWENTY MILES FROM OUR CLIENTS, and I really can't stress that bit enough.

It's strange, as I used to hang out there quite a lot, and even thought of moving to Apsley. I'd been past Apsley Two in its derelict state so many times, and it's strange to have work and home cross over like that, and this place to come up again in my life.

It's across the bridge from Apsley Marina, which I absolutely love. So we decided to grab a coffee, Northern Nurse bought us cakes, and we all had a good bitch about work.

So far, that may just be the only upside of the Way We Work project. Posted by Picasa


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