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Monday, January 30, 2006

The long goodbye #2

After a very strange, but very cool six months, the time has come to say goodbye. My flatmate's heading back to Denmark tomorrow, and she'll definitely be missed. And not just by me...

When you get a flatmate off the internet, it's safe to say that anything can happen. My friends assured me that she'd probably be a psychopath, and I'd definitely be dead by the end of the week. So I was probably very lucky.

Actually, I was very lucky. She's been a very nice, very chilled out flatmate, and a good laugh. And contrary to Mog's prediction, she hasn't pillaged anything.

In fact, she might just be the perfect flatmate. The house has always been spotless, she's introduced us to a lot of cool people, and I've even started drinking Carlsberg. And when she's gone, the place will probably fall down in a week. We're pretty grubby boys, really.

The good news is she's probably coming back in six months. She's got to- I've got her stereo. And if I've learnt anything from the work situation, constantly saying "you can't leave" doesn't really have much effect. Believe me, I've tried.

So bon voyage to her. A midafternoon flight, some scary sounding exams and life in small town Denmark awaits her.

And as for me, the next flatmate arrives Wednesday. She's from the Czech Republic.


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