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Sunday, February 12, 2006

New faces

It's the night before the day of her new job, and my new flatmate doesn't look like she's going to get any sleep.

"I am nervous, about this, and I do not think you are going to help by m,e saying this."
"Just say it. It always makes me feel better when I'm nervous."
"And it helps?"
"Come on, it's got me through two new flatmates, a new job and a really severe haircut. Just try it."
She frowned for a minute.
"OK, how you say, it is going to be.... fantastic?"

I was a little nervous about the girls moving in. I'm not sure why, as I thought I'd be fairly used to sharing my house with people I've only just met by now. And rather than move in the fairly dull woman with the steady job, I decided to take a gamble and move in two Czech students who can only stay four of the six months I need them for. And so far it's been excellent.

So, as I also discovered when I opted for a grade three crop last Saturday, things work out better when I take risks.

Best when we're at our boldest. Now, who says that?


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