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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Do we have to get out of this place?

I'm having flashbacks to a conversation with Northern Nurse, when she told me about a nightmare. "You were standing in front of the team and told us all that you'd got another job and were leaving. And I was having to pretend to be really happy when inside I was thinking -shit!". That's because I'm standing in front of the team telling them I've got another job and I'm leaving.

To be fair though, Northern Nurse isn't pretending to be happy for me. But we're both thinking - shit!

Yep, after three years, my time in the team is coming to an end. That's because I'm moving to a London Borough to go and be a Community Support Worker*. So my time behind a desk is coming to an end, as is my time in Borehamwood, and probably my time with my colleagues and friends there. I've never (voluntarily) left any job before, and I could never tell what seemed weirder- the idea of leaving that place, or of still being there in another three years. But lack of career progression, and more recently the council's insane leadership moving us to Apsley, has pretty much forced my hand. And there's a strong sense of an ending- I don't think I'll be the first person forced out by the council's bizarre policies and projects and the whole team are looking at their options. So one phase of my life is very soon coming to an end, and another, hopefully exciting, phase of my life is about to begin.

I'm optimistic, scared, pleased and upset. I wish things didn't have to change in life, and that I could stay where I'm comfortable and happy. But I'm not that sort of person, and although I won't feel as comfortable in the new job for a while at least, it's time to find out what else I can do.

It's going to be a tough couple of weeks though. Maybe I should have waited until my last day before I told them.

*Subject to CRB check, medical, and Manager not mentioning the tippex incident in my reference.


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