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Monday, January 02, 2006

This is not a good place to squat

The sign on the door is far from welcoming. "You will be removed immediately by legal means." It was nice of them to put the stress on legal.

I'd been past St Stephen's in Hampstead once or twice, but having the good fortune to lose my way in the area, it was nice to get a bit of time to take some pictures and have a really good look. Even the most commanding building can fall on hard times.

Things are looking up since I last came past. The masonry's stopped crashing to the ground, and it's now certain not to fall down. And the (undated) sign says they're just 250,000 from starting the last phase of the restoration.

Glad I got some pictures of it like this though. There's a sad beauty that the restored church won't have. Posted by Picasa


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