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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Fighting the power!

I'm on the way to the stop the war demonstration when I first notice my text messages are getting increasingly radicalised. I'm exhorting my friends to join me to stick it to the man, and am soon blaming the fascist neo-cons for the invasion of Iraq, and suspending train services out of Willesden with their so called "engineering works" to stifle dissent.

There's something about left-wing demonstrations that really gets me carried away.

I was determined to come along though. Two years ago we marched to say No to war, and the government showed how willing it was to ignore public opinion. By coming along today, I could say that we did not forget, and we didn't just go away and watch our soaps. Plus I'm still feeling guilty about voting Labour for a third consecutive time.

There's such a wide range of views clustered around this subject, it's hard to know when to cheer. Tony Benn, of course, gets the biggest cheer of them all (the man is my hero). But applauding the insurgency for attacking British troops (admittedly it's an illegal occupation, but more fighting can't be the answer)? And do we really want the entire Labour Government thrown out?

At least I got to shout "Troops out" like a 60s Vietnam demo. And it must be said, the parallels are becoming striking.

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