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Saturday, July 16, 2005

And it's a date!

I'm trying desperately to restart the conversation as the girl opposite me scarcely masks her boredom. Things took a bit of a downward slide when we realised all we had in common was social services except from very different perspectives. I'm beginning to wish I'd said I worked in Tescos.

Yes, tonight was speed-dating, and I'm quite glad I got out of there. I felt a bit awkward when I arrived to find I was the only person who hadn't brought a friend. And the layer of ice around us took a long time to melt, not aided by the extortionate drinks prices. I did, however, meet some very nice women. I might even have managed to go most of the evening without embarrassing myself. It probably helped that I left straight afterwards

I'd be up for doing that again, but not with these people. Given that the point of the evening was to get us to meet, the music was a bit too loud for conversation and the sheer cheek of charging 7.50 for a coke when you've already paid 22 for a ticket was also dispiriting. And the staff were just a little on the pushy side.

And, let's face it, how can you really know get to know someone in three minutes?

Alright, maybe I'm just bitter because I've got no matches yet. The others are probably all still out partying.


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