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Friday, February 18, 2005

All the way from China

So much for staying in, saving money and staying out of trouble. Don't think I'm in any trouble though.

Finbar's in Willesden Green is not a place that immediately associates itself with miracles in technology. It's very much associated with Irish-themed stouts though. I was just enjoying my third of the evening when my phone chirped. I was expecting the usual- a text from Smooth B about his womanising, or one of those "where the hell are you?" texts that reminds me that I've forgotten something important. But no, it was an email. From China.

It's quite exciting to hear from someone on the other side of the continent. Somehow, all this talk of the Global Village hasn't taken that away from me. It's an old friend, and I hope she's well. And I was very pleased to hear from her.

I've also given her the address of the blog, so assuming I haven't written anything this month that might upset China's Internet filters, she's very welcome.

Wow, and up until now my most exotic reader was in Devon.


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