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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Those little signs

I spent quite a lot of time with Miss Not-a-racist-but today. She's certainly a busy lady.

Miss Not-a-racist-but isn't racist, I have to point this out. She said she can't be a racist as she's had black boyfriends. I also meet people who say "Some of my best friends are black" or "Gay people don't make me uncomfortable at all. I feel totally comfortable. It doesn't bother me. Really, it doesn't"

We were discussing politics on the way into the office. Most social workers have common views on Thatcherism and the collectivisation of public services. I was arguing that the government believes that if you're going to spend money on children, the best time to spend it is in the very early years, as educational disadvantages become pretty firmly entrenched by age 5. I said it's the most sensible thing a government's ever said.

"Or rather than give some 15-year-old who's just had a baby £3000, spend it on sex education and stop other wasters having babies."

It was beginning to dawn on me that this really wasn't my sort of conversation. "Or roll out universal child care, giving advantages to children and giving parents the chance to work." She flung the last set of doors open.

"Or kick out all the immigrants."

A long time before I could start to argue immigrants offer a net benefit to the economy, Miss Not-a-racist-but was through the doors.

Maybe this should be my first battle against the revolution. She's scary though.


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