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Monday, October 11, 2004

Purple? Lotto? Decapitation? Why?

Speaking of Ken Bigley (poor sod), Billy Connolly is in trouble for going off on one about him in unusually offensive style. Maybe you just had to be there.

Apparently he was wishing the kidnappers would just get on with it. He also drew attention to the fact that Mr Bigley had a younger asian wife. You just wonder why Billy didn’t just come out and call him a sex tourist.

To be honest, I’m always a bit wary of jumping on these tired old bandwagons of moral outrage. Everyone goes a bit too far with a joke sometimes, and maybe he was quoted out of context, or that you really had to be there. I don’t know, but I wasn’t. The fact that I’ve never liked Billy Connolly never really come into it. But I suppose we pay comedians to shock us, so we shouldn’t be too surprised when they do that in a way we don’t like.

I just never forgave him for those incredibly annoying Lotto adverts. Way to lose any remaining shreds of working-class hero credibility- plugging excessive gambling to the working-classes for the profit of corporate shareholders. And dyeing your beard purple in the process.

I saw that advert anyway, and for that I can judge him harshly; and the fact that he’s never made me laugh.

Still, I won’t go as far as the Friday Thing, who wished he’d hurry up and get hit by a car. After a howl of protest they revised it to a truck. Apparently they’re not cruel, you see.

Why can't they just get on with it?


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