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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Scandal of the kid killing racists

Probably time for a bit of Daily Mail bashing. It's too hot to do anything else, and they really excelled themselves this week.

The headline screamed "FEARS OVER NEW 5-IN-1 BABY JABS", and despite my policy of avoiding things like this, it just seemed to call to me. So with a sense of dreary inevitability, I walked over to the news stand.

There was also an inevitability to the article, fragments of identikit scaremongering pseudo-science lazily strung out into what could almost pass as sentences.
"Government...fears....overwhelming babies immune systems....autism...MMR...campaigners say...."

No word from the doctors, I thought, Harold Shipman has a lot to answer for. And then it dawned on me why all this is happening. They're using terrifying screaming headlines and confusing parents into avoiding potentially life-saving medical treatments based on vauge 'fears' and ignoring all the scientific research and common sense that should go with serious issues like public health because...they can.

They can cause a spate of hate-crimes against gypsies and asylum seekers; they can force the Home Secretary to tread all over human rights obligations that took generations to build; they can make women scared to use any medical treatment or make any non-'traditional' lifestyle changes by shouting the word 'CANCER', and they can make thousands of parents shun immunisation, resulting in hundreds of deaths among the very children they claim to protect, and well, don't they just know it?

They can do anything they like, and no-one's going to stand up to them. Defy the Daily Mail and you'll be branded a traitor, an idiot, or worse, a liberal.

Oh, they hate Liberals, with their namby-pamby concern for "human rights", "medicine" and "education".

But it doesn't matter, because they'll win. And when hundreds of children die of the 5 diseases the Mail's added to its list of things you can't be immunised about, it won't be their fault. Why didn't the government address our fears? That we invented to begin with.

Again, it's because they can....


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