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Friday, August 06, 2004

Mushroom for manoeuvre

Sassy Nurse was a little shocked on her trip to Camden today.

"I fought it was a fruit and veg stall, and I got a bit closer and they were all selling magic mushrooms. How weird is that?"

Well, it was a great moment to share some of my offbeat knowledge on neurochemistry. Or rather, a good moment to tell stories of weird things that happened to me at college. I can tell them at work now.

You see, it's the funniest thing, but at some point behind the hoo-haw surrounding the government pretending to decriminalise cannabis (They really didn't, thereby pissing off everyone) they have apparently legalised magic mushrooms. They're now openly on sale at festivals, and out on indie markets.

They're fine, as long as you don't pick them or dry them. But apparently it's now fine to import and sell fresh mushrooms from Europe. Given that the British drugs scene is one of the most protectionist markets in the world, it's strange to open up this one. Particularly given the War on Drugs, and the Evils of Drugs, and the Damage to Society we've heard so much about. Won't the country grind to a halt, the streets clogged with 12 year olds gripped by drug psychosis?

Apparently not. And unlike how it was in, say, 2000-1, it's now perfectly easy and legal. And not a single angry headline in sight.

Now, if you don't mind, I have to pack for my day out tomorrow. Better bring more biscuits.


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