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Friday, August 06, 2004

Nothing to Declare (Watford Edition)

I love the Watford Observer.

No joke. It's just a great newspaper. Actually, let me rephrase that. It's a great local newspaper. Not like those tabloid piece of shit twenty 23 pages of adverts 1 page of news all written by the same guy apologies we used to get in Harrow. And not like that scary one in Willesden with the future of the library centre on the front page and all the murders reduced to page 7. There's so few murders in Watford it couldn't fail to make page 1.

And not to mention the fact that they used their local contacts and knowledge to scoop all the national newspapers when a major anti-terrorist raid took place in Bushey. (All the nationals just said "Hertfordshire". Big Place)

Quality journalism, deep roots and a damn good gig guide that gives you the sense that you live in a place where things happen. And a funny letters page.

"I notice from your article regarding the new Watford signs that they are being sponsored by Hertfordshire Highways.
Is this the same Hertfordshire Highways which doesn't have enough money in its budget to mend the potholes in Loudwater Lane?"
- Mrs M White, Loudwater

"I know Watford Council enforcement officers will not hesitate to prosecute any establishment that is found to breach the rules in this context.

But I would much prefer it if the establishments themselves acted to help Watford reduce under-age drinking and thereby contribute to a reduction in teenage pregnancies and other drink related anti-social behaviour."
- Councillor Rabi "Silver Bullet" Martins

"I am very concerned that we seem, in this country, to be on the threshold of weapons in space."
- Peter Eldridge, Watford


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