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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

The new Atkins....

Whilst clutching my ears at my desk, I realised that Sassy Nurse hasn't been ill in all the time I've known her. Which lends some weight to my theory.

I'm giving some serious thought to trying to publish it as a book. All I need is a copy of the Writers Handbook (check), access to a photocopier (check), and a author's picture (where's my tinfoil hat?)

I'm just dying to receive a letter that Takes It Seriously. ("We do not, however, believe your book has what it takes to succeed in a competitive market. We do not believe it is a good business investment to give away free cassette tapes.")

Just need a sample chapter. Any suggestions?


Blogger Papotine said...

What theory ? I clicked on the link but... no theory !

5:23 pm

Blogger presenttense said...

Sorry, linked to the wrong thing
Permalink: http://unlikelysecretary.blogspot.com/2004/03/laugh-your-way-to-health.html

It's called "Mentally ill- physically great!"

Well, you did ask.

9:49 pm

Blogger Papotine said...

I'd like to order it now !!

4:10 pm


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