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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I'm a nice colleague. I'm just crap.

I'd been a little preoccupied last week with getting ready for Glinty's return. She'd been on holiday, and I *know* how hard it is to come back after holidays. Actually I've only ever had a long weekend, but I can guess. So I've been trying to ease the transition for her.

Someone (not me), broke Glinty's mug whilst she was away, and I spent a toxic couple of days trying to stick the handle back on, whilst trying to ignore the instruction to use the glue only in a well ventilated environment. And giggling.

But it didn't work, and since she's come back, I've been waiting for the right moment to tell her. Because she WILL freak if I time it badly. Or I could just hope she finds out whilst I'm off sick.

My first move in easing the transition when she came back was opening the security door to let her in and giving her a big welcome back hug. And the security door swung shut and winded her.

Maybe I should take the rest of the week off.


Blogger Papotine said...

What about getting her a new mug ?

4:19 pm


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