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Sunday, August 01, 2004

The last Britney song ringing in my ears..

I think I may have stayed out a bit too late.

I say that because the next train heading home is at midnight 50, I'm at least 35 minutes from home, I have to meet Northern Nurse at 820 to get to work on time, she lives 40 minutes away and, well, I don't want to do the maths. I know I'm not getting much sleep tonight.

Been in a confessional sort of mood tonight- if there's one thing I've learnt from work it's how to get out things I wouldn't normally have the guts to say. The secret is to change your posture, tone of voice and general attitude into one of “well, this is me being business-like and this is what I *have* to say.“ The aim was to get it off my chest and to provoke a deep and meaningful conversation about this thing in particular and my life in general.

Fortunately my mate's response was to suggest we go inside and check out the Karaoke. I've had enough of deep and meaningful for one weekend.

Got that Britney piano solo playing in my head now. Can't think of a better one to send me to bed with- assuminq I ever get there.


Blogger Papotine said...

Hey, isn't singing supposed to be good for your health ? PLus Karaoke gives you a microphone to feel great too... stairway to the stars !

4:52 pm


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