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Monday, December 29, 2003

For some strange reason Borehamwood tesco has decided people don't eat sandwiches over 'Christmas', a fact which resulted in me, nemo and geezer taking a journey this lunchtime. The music was cheesy, the rain was lashing down. The objective, too, was bleak: to find somewhere else in Borehamwood that serves something i'd like to eat. But nothing had prepared them for the horror that was... Borehamwood shopping park!

"Shopping Park'.

Think about those words for a minute. What comes to mind? Trees, perhaps, some grass, maybe a few idyllic shops nestling in the trees? Or how about a huge, tarmac carpark surrounded by concrete rejects from Stalinist russia, together with the obligatory hastily-constructed hangars selling cheap acryllic sportswear. Only someone who really hates this town would dare call this a park.

I thought i hated Borehamwood, but That's before i found the 'park'. Now i can't think of a word for it.


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