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Sunday, November 02, 2003

Where's the sense in that?

Travelling out of Uxbridge late Friday night, I started earwigging into my fellow passengers' conversations, and I have to admit I found it quite touching. This poor girl was justifying springing her ex-boyfriend with a declaration of undying love. If you were that boyfriend you'd probably feel extremely touched, or extremely scared. From past experience, my money's on scared, but obviously it wasn't her friend's job to tell her that.

She said:
"You know, it's like that Jewel song. You know, if I don't say it, um, I'd still feel that way, and... you know, where's the sense in that?"

Bless her. Although past experience has taught me that you should never try and justify your actions through song lyrics. For example, demanding 'give me just a smile and make it snappy' never really goes down well. And I've struggled to justify that yes, although the roof was indeed on fire, I didn't really need no water, and I felt the best course of action was to let the motherfucker burn...


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