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Saturday, October 04, 2003

Atlas grimaced

Anyone out there recommend a good and affordable masseuse in the London/Hertfordshire area? I have this strange sense that what little tension I manage to take off my social workers goes straight to my shoulders. Certainly me shrugging my shoulders would seem much more nonchalent if it wasn't accompanied by a barely audible click and a camp "ouch!". Sadly the place across the road from me has just become completely unaffordable.

By the way, when I say massage, I do actually mean massage. That would be #104 in my list of "Misfortunes and misunderstandings whiche coulde befall the younge man adrist in London towne and the Home Counties". Hell, if that pretentious idiot Ben Schott can step back a century or two...

I can't help but think that if Ben Schott wasn't trying to court the Daily Telegraph market (the guy's a student), Schott's Original Miscellany would have oringinally been called "You'll never guess what?!" Or "Dude? Where's the can?". So what other books could use a Ben Schott Middle England makeover?

- Miss Smith's imaginative tales of west London immigrant communities.
- Adams' guide to space travellers and other oddities
- Mr Moore's On the Idiocy of the American ruling classes
- John Fowles The Magus


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