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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Game on!

I'm keeping goal in a park in Greenborough, and one of my service users throws the ball to my colleague, who passes it to my manager, who runs towards me screaming. As a good employee it's pretty clear what I need to do at this moment. I take her down.

Despite my reservations about coming in on my day off, scheduling a football match to clash with the biggest England match in years, and brutally flooring my supervisor, yesterday was a great laugh. About 30 staff and service users took to a local park, played football, listened to music and had a gigantic picnic. And apart from the football turning into a gigantic grudge match between me and the chief, everything ran very smoothly and our service users are demanding a rematch. Well, we work for them I suppose.

Had a lot to show for coming in on my day off, including a gigantic bruise down my left leg where somebody kicked me pretty hard, a reputation for bravery bordering on insanity, a huge tear in my jeans and two extra days off. And oddly, she gave me those shortly after I nearly broke her toes. It's lucky, as I'm apparently unable to walk this morning.

Next week I'm coming in on my day off to take a group to Thorpe Park. My job's so much cooler than everyone else's.


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