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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Aching to leave

I think my return to work yesterday after nearly a full week off was just a little ill-starred. For a start it sucked that I wasn't allowed to take a whole week as holiday, having had nothing but three days sick leave throughout the whole summer. Secondly, whilst rushing to answer a phone I crashed into the side of a desk so hard I punched a hole in my work trousers and walked with a limp all day. Yes, it's good to be back.

Where I certainly overstepped the line was whilst out at a lunch to say goodbye to our student. I'd just ordered, when my line manager called up and was, admittedly, out of order. The correct thing to do would be to have a subtle word with manager about how sometimes things are said in the wrong way. The wrong thing to do was to have a massive rant in front of the whole team about how much that had pissed me off. Not what grown-ups do, but still very satisfying.

I *really* need a new job now. And I've got a few leads, at least.


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