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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Mount Unpleasant

I know I was *very* drunk on Friday, but I think I was onto something with my pergatory metaphor concerning my current employment situation. To those of you not obsessed by Dante, this was the mountain of contrition and absolution, where the repentent sinners spent aons trapped in nothingness, waiting for their chance to move on to something better. I may have missed out some important details, but that's the basics.

I've spent the whole week in the office, fighting with our lousy computer system, and have spoken to one client all week. Life's far too precious to waste any of it stuck in this suffocating boredom. It's only when I describe the old job, my old caseload, responsibilities and misadventures that I really get excited when it comes to work. Damn I need to be a social work assistant again.

I've put in another application against my better judgement, but until I pass my driving test there doesn't really seem much point. But you never know, in the six weeks it takes to shortlist and interview, there's a (small) chance I might just pull this one off. After all, I could take it another three times by then.

I know I keep on saying this, but it's not going to be easy to leave my colleagues and friends in Borehamwood. But every day I spend stuck behind a desk makes it very slightly easier.


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