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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

On my way

Over the weekend nature kept her promise once again, and almost as if she flicked a switch somewhere, the seasons changed. Walking round without a jacket for the first time in months, I had to remind myself that only two weeks ago I was shaking the snow off my umbrella. And although that big grey cloud has come back into our lives, looking out at the crocuses and daffodils it's clear that the promise has been fulfilled, and there's no going back.

And on the other side of town, two friends of mine are sitting at home waiting for another promise to be kept. Their new baby looks like she'll be arriving any time soon- the name's been chosen, the paint's fresh on the nursery, and all they can do is sit and wait for their lives to change forever. I know for a fact they can't wait to meet her.

Over here in Meteor Street, everything feels like it's changing too. I made a promise over the weekend that I'd be moving on too, leaving this job I've done for the past two years, and it's time to start preparing the people I've been spending my days with for the fact that I'll be leaving them soon. I'm saying goodbye to my clients far too soon, and there's one in particular that it's going to choke me to tell him; I'm saving that one for last. Soon, too, I'm just going to be another former worker for them, another name on a file stretching back decades, leaving what we starkly call a Transfer Summary. Within the confines of professional language, I'm trying my best to say "Look after them".

I have to at least pass for a professional for another week- and I've got another six days to make a difference. And I'm not going anywhere just yet, as George put it: "Well there ain't no point in moving on/Until you've got somewhere to go"

I can't help but think that this is the best time of year to be born. She'll be emerging from her sleep at the same time we shake off the greys of winter and the world starts to look beautiful again. Everything I've just written sounds like a cause for a celebration; The songbirds have just come back, I saw my first bee today, and, as promised, the cycle of new lives starts again. There's never any going back.

Welcome to the world little newbie. I hope we all make you very welcome.


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