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Sunday, February 27, 2005

All stations to Doom

The big red London bus is a much-loved icon to anyone to doesn't regularly use one or have a disability. Personally I'd like one of those soulless modern ones with decent suspension and a roof that doesn't leak..

I'm bumping painfully across town on my way up to Watford. Brother's having a night out in the High Street, so I'm keen to get there early and get out before the paramedics arrive. Nothing truly prepares you for the horror of Watford on a Saturday night, and although it's a year since I last did it, somehow the memories just refuse to fade.

Of course, this could all be academic, as I'm supposed to be there in an hour and I've so far got to Neasden. And with the streetlights looking strangely colourful, I've got what might just become a migraine.

If it wasn't Brother's birthday I'd be hiding under a pillow right now. On the other hand, Mog's having a Girl's night in,and boys are very much not invited.


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