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Friday, March 25, 2005

Lousy Friday

My bus is being delayed by a man in front carrying a massive wooden cross. I feel like he's just showing off.

I'm finding it very hard to get work off my mind today. It's not just the sheer injustice of it all that's left me feeling wounded, still. It's also that there's a lot of work I still want to do with my guys, which means I have to plan the remaining three days incredibly.well. And I'm hoping they'll remember me, as that means I must have been good at the job.

Actually, it's still mostly the injustice.

We were in training about this lousy waste of money computer system, as Manager insisted I go. At one stage she asked the man in charge of the training if we could have an extra tick box in the field for client details.

"We could", he replied, "but it would take a long time and be expensive. One of these boxes costs £25,000."

Apart from blowing mineral water through my nose, I'm wondering how I was expected to react to that. I cost a lot less than one of those boxes, I'm significantly more useful, and my employers have decided they can't afford me as a social work assistant, so I have to leave.

On top of that, I'm not exactly solvent at the minute, and that's before I face a pretty hefty pay cut. This Spring's not going to be much fun.

We're all dragging crosses up the Harrow Road. At least my one isn't holding up the traffic.


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