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Sunday, April 18, 2004

"Of course, I'm an excellent driver..."

Now I can drive, the world's starting to change shape.

I still can't go beyond third gear, park, or go at 40mph without getting a nervous twitch, but I can do roundabouts, left (and now right) turns, text book three point turns, and thankfully, emergency stops.

I'm fairly proud of that- it's not bad for nine lessons.

Predictably, my colleagues have been supportive if rude. Sassy Nurse got worried when she discovered I was practising outside her new house. The entire office wanted a detailed itinery of my movements. And Manager and Assistant have been standing at the window watching me drive off with a big cheery wave.

But they don't do that now. Driven home three times now, and no-one's pulled over to call me a "fucking idiot" in three weeks.

Manager's been quite impressed. He said it's quite rare for people with Aspergers to drive. I'll take that as a compliment.


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