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Monday, April 12, 2004


Well, it's all happening in London News Review world. Something about "outside forces" influencing content (read outraged advertisers).

Basically, Paul Carr's had it with that, and is out rather abruptly, taking The Friday Thing (still the best bit) with him. The first I heard about all this is when LNR didn't show up on Friday. I actually felt moved to email Paul- the man's given me so much joy over the past few years, and he deserves for his new ventures to work out. He'd be the last person to back down when an advertiser gets the jitters after a columnist calls for the assassination of George Bush or something.

Come to think about it, someone should write an article about that. "Bush has caused so many deaths throughout the world, it is ethical to shoot him- discuss" Although in case the CIA are reading, killing people is wrong, whether it's the president or someone standing within the blast radius of a Falluja mosque.

Anyway, so they're parting company. One chooses print, one sticks to digital. As someone who spent a year trampling over printer's invoices, it always seems to me that email has that commercial edge. Could be interesting- I wonder if they'll end up as rivals. Or, more positively, there'll be two like minded publications out there.

But good luck to the two of them. This is a good thing, right?


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