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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Laugh your way to health

Are you fed up of modern dieting? Ever walked out of Weightwatchers to be confronted by a delusional street preacher and wished you too could be that thin? Well now YOU can.

In my new book Delude Yourself to Fitness, I at last share the secrets that keep crazy people so slim. For example did you know?
- Just one minute's uncontrollable cackling is equivalent to climbing six flights of stairs.
- You burn 20% more calories than with traditional jogging when running away from an imaginary assailant or extra-terrestial kidnappers.
- You are three times less likely to die of a heart attack with a diagnosed psychatric condition.

Already being described as "The Atkins Diet for the 21st Century", Delude Yourself to Fitness contains
- A guide to Reverse Transactional Analysis- to bring out all the abnormal personality traits we all have!
- An award winning system to ease you gently into paranoid delusions. Today hidden cameras- tomorrow the Anti-Christ!
- Advice on avoiding despair and social isolation.

Order now to receive your free tinfoil helmet and cassette of auditory hallucinations.


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