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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Dial E for Exit!

Sad? Depressed? Incurable?

There is another answer!

For too long, suicide has been the domain of tearful people with hose pipes or well meaning but sinister dutch doctors. Chances are, up until this point, your life has been at best a little tame, at worst a series of painful and relentless drudgery. So why not end your life in the way you never got to live it?

With Enthusanasia, you can live one day as if it really is your last. Our consultants are waiting for your call right now*. Ever wondered what it's like to sabotage your own parachute? A bungee jump with a rope guaranteed to fail? A flight through Kenya on a low-flying BA jet? Or maybe just end it all trying to make a daring leap between two parts of an unfinished bridge like in so many films?

What's more, with Enthusanasia's range of services, we'll take care of life insurance, letters to relatives, and in our Elysian Video Suite, you can even record your goodbye video featuring you against a series of choice allegorical backgrounds. Take your pick between galaxies, forests and lakes. We really will take care of it all!

Don't take the easy way out. Call us today.

*Subject to legislation and a widespread change in social attitudes


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