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Monday, January 19, 2004


Midway through a very philosophical chat with an old friend on friday night, i had a strange thought on the subject of god. Hear me out please.

It occurred to me that intolerant religious people tend to justify their beliefs with an appeal to god's nature. Ditto i'd say i was quite tolerant, and like to believe in a nice, forgiving new testament god. I wouldn't use that as the justification for my actions- i was liberal before i believed in a liberal god.

A lot of people do though, and there's nothing in itself wrong with saying something like 'the lord tells us to forgive, so we do'. I just wonder if We're looking at it the wrong way around- maybe we're all projecting onto god.

After all, we generally believe in a god as a perfect version of ourselves, so i probably believe in a version of what i think i would be like if perfect: tolerant wise and forgiving. I don't believe in god as a perfect version of Billy Graham.

A tenner says Billy Graham does though.


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