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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Cold cold night (part 2)

For a third day in a row, I'm drawn to central London.

It's cold and I've been at work all day, but no matter what happens I seem to end up getting on that train. Tuesday I was helping a mate out- she's applying for a journalism job, and I thought I'd use what's left of my journalistic knowledge to help her out.

Wednesday was counselling, and today another mate's got a crisis, so off I go again. And I've already made plans for the weekend involving a certain amount of wandering.

I thought this was a bad thing- I was looking forward to sitting at home, watching ER and chilling out. Until I realised that's not what I wanted at all. It turns out I actually seem to enjoy scurrying around the streets of London until the middle of the night.

Weird. But each to their own.


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