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Saturday, November 22, 2003

To the (much-hyped) dream

In my dream i went to see my dentist, the same one i've been with for 20 years. He sat me down on a sofa and showed me some slides of his holiday, which is what he'd invited me over for. Two blonde, gliggling nurses brought me a coffee and said she'd give me an injection in 10 minutes. As she touched me on the arm, i knew she was discreetly giving me a painless injection. My arm went numb, and i stayed on the sofa. Later she did the same to my leg. I was shown through to the surgery and lay down in the chair, and an older, harsher nurse gave me an injection.

It felt nice and warm as the drugs spread though my body, and i began to feel sleepy. The older nurse told me not to fight it, but i realised i'd been tricked, and asked the dentist what he was doing. He said four of my teeth had got a lot worse (passed to level 2 was what he said) and when i asked him what he was going to do, he didn't know yet. I fought to stay awake, and told him i didn't trust him now as he'd tried to trick me, and I wasn't go to fall asleep. He let me lie there until i didn't have to fight the drowsiness, and then i went home.

That morning Brother had moved house, and he'd bought a new flat on the corner of Mum's street. As part of the deal, he'd moved all my stuff whilst I was out, and had promised to set it all out for me too. We each had two unique keys, and when I got there, I open up the panel with the intercom on it by inserting my key. There was a smaller Yale Lock on the panel behind that, and I opened that to reveal an orange wheel, which I turned to open the door. When I got in the new flat had a distinctly 70s feel to it, with a brown carpet and brown curved kitchen counter in the centre of a large open plan living area. I lay down on the sofa and fell asleep.

Anyone want to tell me what that one means?


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