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Thursday, November 20, 2003

Find love in the smallest things

Whilst I was trying to get into work this morning, I was in a haze of anxiety and frustration, having missed my bus and been left running half an hour late on the very day I'd find out if still had a job.

As I sat at the bus stop, trying hard to read my paper, Old Lady on the Bus came up to me, having clearly missed it too. She was reading the timetable behind me, and I was half-interestedly answering her, not really there at all. Then she said to me "I must be a nuisance. I've been no good at numbers since I had me stroke."

I couldn't let that one pass, and told her she wasn't a nuisance and helped her work out what time the bus wouldn't come. She told me about a giant teddy bear she was going to give to a fellow passenger, and then told me a joke. Something along the lines of:
"A little boy said he wanted a watch for Christmas. So they let him."

She had a well-worn little joke book she fished about for in the bottom of her shopping trolley, and started telling me more. Like "How do elephants make love under water? They take down their trunks." None of them my kind of jokes, but I laughed at first good-humouredly, and another passenger I've got chatting to lately sat down next to me, and we listened to her tell jokes.

And I realised I was actually happy. And I also realised that if I can be happy late for work in the rain under a concrete bus shelter, I could be happy anywhere.

And as it happens, today worked out for the best.


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