Where there's a Willesden there's a way

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

In a jazz cafe

I did just pay £2 for a glass of coke that came out of a bottle, but that doesn't matter. It's this place that counts. )I'm in a little jazz Bar in county hall. They're playing a tape now, but last time i was here there was an old lady playing the piano in the corner.)It was april, and we were here to say goodbye to someone who was going away for a long time. By the sound of his last email he's having a great time, which is what i wanted.)I'm just not sure what i've been doing for the past 7 months.

I'm hoping coming back here will help, and give me some idea of what's happened since. The view from this window hasn't changed, and neither have the prices. As for me, a degree was something i could get, counselling an idea, and borehamwood was just a place name.)It's true life moves, and i wouldn't want it any other way. But i have to take time out to count it, before even more slips past. )What's happened since is not what i imagined, but it's mine.


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