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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Made it on to the bus!

Now i know i'm going to make it on time, it's good to take the time to work out my answers to the basic questions:
Why do you want this job, what do you see your role. I haven't prepared answers, i know i always seen insincere when i do that.

On some level i feel like i have to justify everything i've done in the last 5 months, and i suppose i should.
Strangely, when i was interviewed for a more senior post i wasn't worried at all. Partly because i still had this job. But if i don't get this, i could end up back with some meaningless temp work, with no guarantee i'd ever get into social work again.
On the bright side, just passed the biggest pile of dung i've ever seen. It was actually taller than a man, still steaming slightly.

At least i'm within walking distance of the office now. And i can finally say interview without stuttering.

I'll get my friendly bus driver to check my appearance then get some breakfast.


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