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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Got your number

There's several things wrong with this statement. When Brother needlessly quotes it, he's making a false statement, as he doesn't have my number, as it's on his mobile phone, which is on the desk next to me. So in a way the opposite is true.

Secondly, apart from being something to do with your mouth when it's not busy, what does it mean? It's not like "Take a break" or "Because I'm worth it", it just totally lacks any meaning at all. And yet everywhere I go I hear people for some reason quoting it.

Advertisers subscribe heavily to the concept of "Viral Marketing". People will hear a really catchy phrase, receive a fantastic email clip (!) see a great advert, and immediately spread the word, sharing it with their friends, family, and anyone else with the misfortune to be within earshot. So we're queuing up to help advertisers. All those underpaid, overworked nurses, teachers and social workers, and the public choose to help out advertisers- people paid extremely large sums of money to make people who earn less than them part company with the money they've got. What's more, if this slogan is anything to go by, they're right. Again, we can be proud of the society we've created.

Finally, if my last experience with 118 118 is anything to go by, I'm willing to bet they haven't. Got your number.


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