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Monday, August 14, 2006

Dane in the neck

Completely new atmosphere here in Meteor Street now my new flatmates are completely settled. Generally you can tell someone's settled when they get sick.

For those who are completely lost with the flatmate situation here's a recap:
Meg and Mog were here when I arrived but then got a flat round the corner and took the mice with them. Smooth B moved in, we advertised on the internet for a Danish flatmate and Rhianna moved in. The flat got very clean, but then she went home, I got two Czech girls who messed up the place, broke my heart and moved out again, and Mog took the room for a month whilst I picked up the pieces. Then I ran off to Turkey to persuade one of the Czech girls to come back and whilst I was away Rhianna moved back in and brought her friend Electra. And did some more cleaning.

Anyway, I can tell when Rhianna's ill as the kitchen starts to smell slightly. Poor thing's got a throat infection, and with a job interview tomorrow she's not very happy. Left to her own devices, Electra will lie in bed with a laptop all afternoon, occassionally getting up to smoke and eat takeaways. Which seems to be all that's happened since I left for work yesterday.

So overall everyone seems settled, although it's a little strange to be the only one who's up this time of the late afternoon. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that Rhianna will be up and recovered soon so that I can get some more of her date stories. And that they'll both get jobs- preferably before the rent's due.


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