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Tuesday, March 16, 2004


I love the noise my fingers make on this keyboard. Jerky but smooth.

Well, we're back.

Brother's computer is finally out of the computer hospital, which means I can now blog without giving myself arthritis of the thumbs.

It's got a new motherboard, processor, power supply and case. When it arrived, I launched into a philosophical discussion of whether it was the same computer. Brother thought of Trigger, who said "I've 'ad this mop 20 years. It's 'ad five new 'eads and six 'andles."

Clearly, though, there's some enduring quality of "mopness" that survives. That was my conclusion anyway.

Brother then plugged it back in, and it eventually ground into life. And when I went to put a song on, it crashed. Definitely still the same computer.

Still, nice to be Blogging again. Although in a strange way, I enjoyed not having a computer. Still, so much to catch up on, I may be here a while.

The Blog's back! Yay!


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