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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Thıs never happened ın Wıllesden

As you may have notıced, I'm fıghtıng an ongoıng battle wıth the street traders ın Gumbet. Its all very good natured, its just theres a lot more of them than there are of me. And they find me hilarious.

On the first night in Gumbet I was walking through town when it happened.
"Hey, you have brilliant walk. You walk like this Famous Man."
I pretend not to be amused by his comedy impression of my admittedly comedy walk. I walk every street as if its a mountain.
"Hey, how are you? You good my friend. Wait, wait a minute my friend."

Usually I don't feel like I'm being singled out for special attention. However, I'm noticing quite a few more people calling me Famous Man across town. And they're *all* doing that walk.

Anyway, being a good boyfriend, as my lady was getting ready for her weekend away she gently suggested I walk ahead and take a shower.
"No probs honey...do you need me to carry anything?"

I'm halfway out the door when I realise that despite being as cool, slim and stylish as its owner, what I'm carrying is definitely a girl's handbag.
"Oh dear God", I say out loud "They're going to get me for this."

Sure enough, three doors down I hear my first wolf whistle. And oddly, no-one is inviting me into their establishments for a Nice Cold Beer Only 3 Lira or Karaoke Great Laugh Yeah Famous Man? However, I'm definitely being noticed.
"Hey, pretty bag pretty lady?"
"Hey, Famous Man. You got nice bag there."

You'll noticed I'm stalling by blogging a lot tonight. I've just realised happy hour starts at 10.


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