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Friday, March 05, 2004

I'm sitting in an internet cafe in Watford, quietly hoping Brother's computer will rise from the dead.

I've had a lot of projects I've called Lazarus. My last computer was- very few computers ever progress beyond the blue flash stage. There was my GCSE coursework, my ongoing mission to pass the first module in a physics A-level, most editions of Felix, but, tellingly, never my degree.

Anyway, assuming that my blog was dead, as I had no emails and no posts for a month. Grrr. Until I searched for diary of a frustrated writer.

Then I found this. Cheers Big Smoker!

Found out what's going on with the email & fixed it. Really sorry Anonymous Coward.

I hadn't realised anyone had read that, from the lack of hate mobs outside my front door. Just the usual rat boys.

But time to rise from the dead. If anyone's still reading. I've missed this.


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