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Friday, March 05, 2004

All going a bit wrong

Sitting in a cafe in Glastonbury on Saturday, I got a text from Mr Fusion.

"No posts since Feb 3rd. Whats going on?"

No, I'm not dead. Although my computer is. But, annoyingly, I've been posting via wapblogger for the last *month*, only to find that none of it has come up at all! As this is the first time I've sat and surfed aimlessly, this would be a good moment to find out what's going on. I hope I get it all back- there's something like fifty posts missing, with my usual mix of stuff (you must know it all by now).

There's my recovery from the ear infection that laid me low at the beginning of February, my sucky news (Music Man's leaving at work- as well as Geezer Nurse, and another guy who I haven't mentioned yet), the tragic story of Brother's birthday (me and mum missed it- it was on Ash Wednesday and a college night), and so much more.

And the reason why I was in Glastonbury. I want to read it, so I can work out how the hell I came to spend Friday night in a tent in sub-zero temperatures. And to find out what I've been doing all month.

Or maybe God's decided I shouldn't write a blog anymore, so is engineering computer systems to work against me.

Either way, the Blog is far from dead. Watch this space. Please!


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