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Thursday, January 29, 2004

The morning after...

Well, Sister put it well, when she explained everything in one simple phrase "You had a shit day".

On the other hand....

On the way to the doctors it started to rain. And then snow. And then it sort of flumped. By the time I got to the surgery I began to resemble Frosty the Snowman. So I stood outside, and shook the snow out of my clothes as best I could. My Doctor assured me Sassy Nurse (and Glinty 2 weeks earlier, to give her her credit) were exactly right. What I'd hoped was some higher spiritual vibration was actually an ear infection. And all that standing around in the cold made it worse.

But it actually worked out quite well. Had I not left work early, I would have been leaving work at the height of the snowstorm, and given that a light shower is considered a perfectly good reason for Arriva to cancel *everything*, the odds are that I would have been snowed in. As it happens, I ended up at Mum's, as I called around to find my entire family, counselling group and colleagues were stuck. So I just raided Mum's drinks cabinet and read the paper.

Of course, I'm still worried about going back to work. Manager would be forgiven for thinking that my illness is somehow related to being in trouble yesterday, and I suspect that had I not been told off and been feeling miserable to begin with, I would have ignored that weird dizzy business and got on with work. But then I'm clearly a lot worse today, and had I stayed I would have been in that snowstorm, not got a decent dose of antibiotics, and would be well on my way to being ill for ages.

But I'm finding yesterday hard to justify. It was just one of those days where stuff goes wrong, and in turn you make every bad decision you can do. I can explain it all away though; I was having a shit day.

And on the bright side, at least I'm not Greg Dyke.


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